The sealing principle used in the STASSKOL DynamicSeal SDK80 shaft seal is a labyrinth seal. This seal is able to high pressures. The shaft seal SDK80 is a non-contact seal. During the operation, the sealing ring, made from special carbon, float on the high turbulent, high-energy gap flow without contact to the shaft.

Contact between the shaft and the sealing ring can only occur, when the machine is started up or shut down, especially in critical speed ranges.

This type of STASSKOL DynamicSeal shaft seal is primarily used for sealing shaft aperture of turbines, geared centrifugal compressors and other high-pressure equipment and machines.

Compared to a rigid tip seal, the STASSKOL SDK80 shaft seal is significantly more efficient, especially with supercritical rotors. Use of the SDK80 can reduce leakage rates by up to 90%.

The shaft seals SDK80 can be offered with connections for buffer gas and suction drain.
There are no special feature in dimensions for the shaft seal SDK80 compared to the other shaft seals.

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The DynamicSeal SDK80 consists of one-piece chambers and radially moveable sealing rings inside. The one-piece sealing rings are made out of a special carbon with a titanium shell for high temperature and high pressure resistance.

The sealing is non-lubricated and applicable for dry running operation.