Air applications are air compressors, air supply systems for manufacturing facilities, bottling of air and last but not least a lot of capabilities in the PET industry. 


The applied sealing rings and internal parts of packings are heavily stressed and rapid worn.


Stasskol developed a special piston rod packing in cartridge design. Individual packing cups are assembled in a packing casing. The gas-tight cooling circuit is included. The cartridge design in combination with a special PTFE material guarantees an excellent life-time of the packings and internal parts.  


STASSKOL has developed a special new material for using in air application. The material SK313 is a sealing material based on Polytetrafluorethylene (PTFE). Due to its manufacturing by hot compression molding, SK313 is very durable and temperature stable.
The mean service life of rings and packing internals was extended from 5.000h to 8.000h in tests. The considerable increase of life-time was succeeded with using a ring combination are made of the well-known materials SK202 and SK302 and the new material SK313.  


At the assembly it is vital to ensure, the the all parts are free of oil and dust. The individual packing cups are assembled in packing casing, which includes also the gas-tight cooling circuit.  The packing cartridge is directly installed in the cylinder head without a separate packing flange.

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