The industrial processing at the food industry is one of the most demanding challenges for the sealing technology. The sealing elements have to be harmless to the human organism and chemically inert towards the food ingredients – furthermore they have to withstand intensive cleaning procedures up to sterilization processes at high temperatures. Beside this special requirements, the same sealing performance is expected as in other industrial applications.

Due to its material expertise STASSKOL is able to support different branches of the food industry, such as compressor applications in breweries, processing of viscous food components (e.g. stirring devices) and sealing elements in the tobacco industry. We will be pleased to pick the right sealing design and sealing material for your food application.


STASSKOL is developing optimized PTFE recipes to provide tailor-made materials for every industrial sealing application. 
In the food industry the range of fillers and lubricants is very limited, as the food compliance is by far the most important criterion. Thus, mostly unfilled materials are used or with ingredients that are harmless towards food contact. Special attention is also paid to the purity of the raw materials. 


Special attention has to be paid during the assembly of sealing systems at the food industry to avoid any kind of impurities. Complete sealing devices are mounted at the STASSKOL facilities prior to shipment. In the case of spare parts (e.g. internal parts for piston rod packings or shaft seals), the customer will get the relevant documentation such as operating instructions and assembly drawings. If there are still open questions concerning the assembly, we are more than pleased to support you with the appropriate information.


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