The patented STASSKOL Single Sealing Ring combines the main sealing ring and cover ring to one unique unit.  The Single Sealing Ring, which represents an innovation in sealing design, is charaterized by a symmetrical and overlapped design wich ensures efficient pressure reduction over the whole lifetime. Due to the pressure relief grooves the material are additionally preserved and the running times are maximized.

The STASSKOL Single Sealing Ring is registered under patent number 10 2006 015 327.


The single sealing ring combines the traditional sealing ring and cover ring to form a single unique sealing ring - a compact design that enables the length of the piston rod packing to be shortened.
The optimal and symmetrical design of the single sealing ring allows efficient reduction of the cylinder pressure, resulting in a uniform wear pattern.


The advantage of the single sealing ring, when compared to conventional sealing designs, is its ability to ensure a consistent reduction of the pressure between cylinder and atmosphere throughout the entire lifetime.
The groove along the inner diameter of the single sealing ring also leads to a reduction of the pressure load, which in turn reduces frictional heat and increases the lifetime.


When installing the Single Sealing Ring, make sure that it aligns with the pressure side.