STASSKOL products are used in very different applications. Differ as well as are also the requirements for the sealing elements and the technical solution.

Especially for  AIR application a piston rod packing in catrigde design with integrated gas-tight cooling circuit was developed.

Super gastight – super savings – super compact! That is the new CNGS. These are the characteristics of the new das-tight piston rod packing named CNGS - “Compressed Natural Gas Solution” used at CNG gas stations.

STASSKOL takes the quality of material and manufacturing to a new level for using in HYPER compressors

Sealing elements for FOOD applications have to made of material, that is harmless to the human organism and chemically inert towards the food ingredients. STASSKOL has developed the special material SK101 with FDA-license for using in FOOD applications and manufactures the material in-house.

The main focus in LNG applications is the minimization of leackage. The solution is the using of gastight piston rings with a specific gap design, that cover the clearance of piston rings.

In OXYGEN applications, the hazard potential of the oxidizing gas makes special demands on the sealing components. The material SK305 from own development has the necessary BAM approval.

In mixer applications, a variety of powders and suspesions are to be sealed. That's why the requirements are manyfold . For this purpose, STASSKOL offers various types of gaskets which can be individually adapted to existing installation spaces and connection conditions.