CNG is the abbreviation of Compressed Natural Gas. Natural gas has also been increasingly used as fuel for motor vehicles for several years.

STASSKOL recently created the CNGS - the new gastight piston rod packing “Compressed Natural Gas Solution” for CNG compressors used at gas stations.

With the CNGS, STASSKOL has placed an exceptional gastight packing on the market, which effects highly efficient compression because of minimum leakages, i.e. more standard cubic meters’ methane yield per kW of gas fed.



Instead of the standard gapped sealing ring pairs STASSKOL use highly elastic sealing lips in the CNG piston rod packing. The sealing lips are consisting of the special PTFE compound SK202, which was developed and manufactured at the in-house material center. The SK202 combines excellent tribological properties and high elasticity.


The sealing surfaces of the piston rod packing must be free of damage, corrosion, grooves and dents. Before mounting of the sealing rings the identification of the individual segments has to be checked.

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Technical Support


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