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The function and the durability of sealing elements depend largely on the wear resistance of the materials used. That is why STASSKOL has been creating their own materials for several years with the help of reseach and development methods, wich set new standards in sealing technology. STASSKOL ist able to develop customized materials together with the customer. These materials are tailored to the customer’s application and are then also exclusively reserved for individual customers.  STASSKOL’s own materials are characterized be very specific tribological and mechanical properties.

Development Cycle

STASSKOL has an efficient development cycle for the optimization of highly wear-resistant materials with excellent mechanical properties. This includes the selection of suitable base materials using polymer-chemical know-how, the reproducible production of homogeneous mixtures and their processing to high-quality bushings. Due to the rapid combination of these process steps and by means of an accurate characterization of the material properties, we can develop plastics with tailor-made properties for our customers in a short time.

PTFE Materials

Materials based on polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) are the key materials for the main part of the sealing applications. The good sliding properties of PTFE in combination with a customized additive package ensure extremely low wear and therefore a long life of your machine. Another advantage of these materials is the excellent chemical resistance, which ensure compatibility with nearly all technical gases. By means of a variety of additives, the PTFE materials can be customized to your application. We are happy to give advice regarding the choice of the best material for you.

Thermoplastic Materials

Thermoplastic materials based on Polyetheretherketone (PEEK) and Polyimide (PI) represent the “high engineering segment” of sealing materials. Due to a significantly higher strength and an increased temperature resistance, compared to PTFE materials, these materials can also be used under extreme conditions with high reliability. Especially in lubricated applications the operating life of the machines can be significantly increased, leading to higher availability and lower maintenance costs.

Customized Developments

In compressor engineering, the requirements for the sealing materials are as diverse as the application of our customers themselves. Due to existing in-house capacities of STASSKOL in the fields of compounding, manufacturing of bushings and application-oriented material characterization, we are able to flexibly respond to these needs and to offer tailored solutions. Use our capacity – we are happy to develop a solution for your application.