STASSKOL manufactures piston rod packings for a wide variety of applications. For CNG (LPG) filling station compressors, a new gas-tight piston rod packing "Compressed Natural Gas Solution" has been developed, which has significantly lower leakages than the standard piston rod packing.
The BOSS oil wiper packing has also been included in the piston rod packing, but the high gas-tightness is due to the new design principle. Instead of the standard gapped sealing ring pairs, highly elastic sealing lips are used.
The sealing lips consist of the special PTFE compound SK301, which was developed and manufactured at the in-house Material Center. The SK301 combines excellent tribological properties and high elasticity.  In order to work against wear, the sealing lips were developed constructively resistant to deformation.
With the CNGS, STASSKOL has placed an exceptional gastight packing on the market, which effects highly efficient compression because of minimum leakages, i.e. more standard cubic meters’ methane yield per kW of gas fed. Super gastight – super savings – super compact!