Liquid Natural Gas is one of the most important energy sources and energy carriers of our industrialized society. The energy is stored in the chemical structure of the methane molecule and it can be released by a combustion process anywhere in the world.

Mainly large vessels are used beside pipelines to transport the methane between different locations. During transportation the cryogenic liquid (- 162 °C) is undergoing evaporation processes, that cannot be avoided. To ensure that the natural gas is reaching its target destination, the evaporated fraction has to be liquefied again by a compression process. For this application we can offer the best solution to protect the environment and to reduce gas losses.


STASSKOL uses optimized PTFE recipes with excellent wear resistances even at low temperatures of cryogenic applications to ensure high service life-times of the sealing elements.
This refers to the piston ring and guide ring materials as well as to the internal parts of the piston rod packings. Also other aspects have to be considered at the rod packings like the appropriate steel grade for the packing cups or an O-ring material that keeps its flexibility even at cryogenic temperatures.




During assembly it has to be ensured that all parts are free of dust and grease. The different packing cups are combined to a rod packing that includes the gas tight cooling channels, so the cups have to be mounted in the right order. The packing will be installed into the cylinder bore and the flange has to be tightened against the cylinder according to the torque specifications.


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