STASSKOL is a company with tradition, based in the salt city of Stassfurt, Germany. We have been producing seals for various applications since 1920. After the devastating floods of 1994, STASSKOL moved to a less vulnerable part of the city. In addition to the state-of-the-art production facility, a test bed and a material production center were added over the years. Many new jobs were created and the development continues.


the first subsidiary company

STASSKOL Inc. starts as the first subsidiary company in Katy, Houston USA. The successful STASSKOL products are manufactured here. The on-site fabrication guarantees the prompt supply of the American market.


STASSKOL is further growing up

STASSKOL is further growing up. Mordern conference rooms and bigger locker rooms for the staff have been wired in the former kitchen factory vis-á-vis the production hall. Actually the new hall is used as a stock. Later the manufacturing will move in here.


And again a big step towards the future

And again a big step towards the future. In 2009 the ground-breaking ceremony for the construction of a third building - intended for the production of own material - took place. The first bushings leave production in 2010.


construction of a test bed

In 2003 the construction of a test bed is started behind the production buildung. It is completed in 2004. The core is a testing machine with a horizontal an a vertical piston rod, allowing tests of two piston rod packings at the sam time on each piston rod. Later on a oscillating an a rotating tribometer as well as a rotating test bed were added.


Land submerged

Land submerged. In April 1994 rain and melt water caused the Rappode Dam to overflow and the water masses flooded the land. The former headquaters was located at one of the lowest points of Stassfurt. Not only the buildings, but also the machines were under water.


Elektrotechnisches Werk Stassfurt

"Dichtungswerk Stassfurt" was renamed to "Elektrotechnisches Werk Stassfurt" in 1958. From 1970 to 1990 the factory was a part of "Vakoma Magdeburg" as a supplier of sealing systems for compressor and diesel engine manufacturing. In 1991 the company is privately owned again and has now the name "STASSKOL Kolbenstangendichtungen GmbH".


After the end of World War II

After the end of World War II the production of sealing elements took place under the name Dichtungswerk Staßfurt. Construction documentation of Deventer company was still used for manufacturing. The so-called stuffing box packings are now called piston rod packings.



In 1920 the company Deventer was founded at Guestener Strasse in Stassfurt. In the old manufacturing facility, where the company was located until 2002, sealing technology was produced for both mechanical und electrical engineering.