HYPER compressors are a key element in the production of low-density Polyethylene (LDPE). STASSKOL understands that these machines place the highest possible demands on the material and manufacturing quality of the sealing elements.


Processing of the selected materials is subject to strict quality control at STASSKOL to maximize the reliability and availability of HYPER compressors.


Parts are produced using the most elaborate production technologies and are finished on programmable lapping and polishing machines in order to achieve the required surface quality.


STASSKOL uses special tin and aluminum bronzes optimized for high pressure loads and impact loads for the production of sealing elements 

STASSKOL only uses materials of certified quality from selected suppliers. The high standard that HYPER compressors place on their sealing elements can only be met if all the links in the production chain, from material procurement to quality inspection, work together seamlessly.


During assembly, high demands are placed on cleanliness.

It must be ensured that tolerances, fits and installation tolerances are maintained. This also applies to the specified shape and position deviations of all components.


Dr. Uwe Morawa
Technical Support and Sales

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