Mixing technology places high demands on the seals. A large number of different powders and suspensions have to be sealed. Depending on the application, special attention is paid to high sealing efficiency, high wear resistance, extended service life, good cleanability or compatibility in contact with foodstuffs. 


In comparison to other shaft seals used in mechanical engineering, the misalignments of the shafts to be sealed are often higher. This must be taken into account when designing the seal.  


STASSKOL offers different seals for the different requirements of mixing technology. These can be individually adapted to the existing installation spaces and connection conditions.



The choice of sealing material depends on the application conditions. The abrasiveness of the mixture, tribological properties in the template medium used if necessary and additional requirements such as food conformity must be observed when determining the appropriate material pairing. In addition to various composite materials based on PTFE or PEEK, impregnated and non-impregnated synthetic coal qualities are available.


Shaft seals with split housings such as SDW20, SDW50, SDR300 can be mounted without removing the shaft. The internal parts can also easily be replaced without disassembly of the machine. The shaft seal SDP500 is supplied as a pre-assembled cartridge. Thus, the parts are well protected from damage during assembly and are held in their optimum installation position. 

Please refer to the operating instructions supplied for detailed installation instructions.

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