Applications for oxygen compressors can be found in metallurgy and steel production, in the chemical industry, in industrial gas filling and in many other areas.
The hazard potential of the oxidizing gas places special demands on the compressor and in particular on its sealing components.  Stasskol uses a suitable selection of materials to ensure that only BAM-tested materials (such as the in-house development SK305) are used within the permissible material limits.
Depending on the operating conditions, the use of labyrinth packings and labyrinth rings can drastically reduce the amount of frictional heat.
All oxygen-relevant processes are regulated by standardised cleaning and packaging specifications. Continious training and instruction of the involved employees ensures compliance with those processes.


For use in oxygen compression, BAM testing of all non-metallic materials is mandatory. In addition to the PTFE compound SK305 which was developed in-house, BAM-tested carbon materials are also available. They are  are used particularly in labyrinth packings. In order to reliably avoid potential ignition sources even in the event of an accident, red bronze or albromet are occasionally used as housing material for piston rod packings.


All products intended for use in oxygen compression are thoroughly cleaned in accordance with standardised procedures. This ensures cleanliness from oil, grease and dust . The cleanliness is tested by means of UV light and appropriate certificates are issued. A special packaging specification ensures the protection of the parts during transport. When assembling the sealing parts, very clean work is necessary to avoid contamination of the parts. 

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