The SDK30 shaft seal is a cost-effective alternative to the SDW20 series. Depending on the requirements and use case, individual parts such as chambers, intermediate chambers, grease chambers and seal gas chambers, can be put together using a modular design principle.

The sealing ring materials synthetic carbon or PTFE compounds available are intended for dry running. Lubrication is not necessary. To improve the sealing performance of the shaft seal, so-called grease chamber can also be used.


With the SDK30 shaft seal we are mainly able to service the field of smaller fans with a shaft diameter of 20 mm – 80 mm, and bearing seals with a shaft diameter up to 300 mm.

If toxic or aggressive gases are to be sealed, the use of seal gas is absolutely necessary in these cases.

Type Overview

The shaft seals SDK30 can be offered with connections for buffer lubricant, buffer gas or suction drain.

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The SDK30 series chambers are undivided and can be arranged according to a modular design principle. The wearing parts are multi-piece cut rings, whose segments are held together by a surrounding hose spring.
To improve the sealing performance of the shaft seal, so-called grease chambers can also be used, in which grease seals can be activated. Thereby the leakage or seal gas consumption of a shaft seal can reduced by up to 90%. Use of grease seals is only recommended for pressures up to 1,5bar (a) and at maximum temperatures of 300°C.