The STASSKOL SynamicSeal SDS100 were developed in the bounds of a research project special for high-pressure applications.

Depending on the application this shaft seal allows the reduction of leakage about 25% with shorter fitting length. Thereby the assembly of seals is easier due to less components, and also budget-priced up to 30%.


The STASSKOL DynamicSeal of series SDS100 is used in fan blowers and geared compressors in high-pressure applications.

Type Overview

The shaft seal SDS100 can be offered wit connections for buffer gas and/or suction drain and also without connections.
There are no special feature in dimensions for the shaft seal SDS100 compared to the other shaft seals.

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The STASSKOL DynamicSeal SDS100 consists of a shortened housing, sealing rings and a flange. Compared to the industrial standard STASSKOL inserts a reduced number of wide rings instead of a lot of small rings. Thereby  the fitting length can be reduced . Design and combination of rings are variable.