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PPRS Purge Panel for Rotating Systems

The PPRS has been designed to supply purge gas to shaft seals with non-contact radially-cut sealing rings, e.g. SDW20, as well as overlapping contact sealing rings, e.g. SDW50.
The supply system is applied when the medium, that will be compressed, demands the using of purge gas.


The purge gas is taken from the compressed air or nitrogen supply network, cleaned and brought to the required purge gas pressure by using a filter regulator. The filter regulator features an automatic condensate drain. A check valve prevents contamination of the supply system with process gas in the event of a purge gas outage. The purge gas consumption can be read via a flow meter.


Typical applications are sealing systems for fans and blowers in the chemical industry, the food industry and metal production such as sealing systems for mixers, conveyors, mills and dryers in various industries.
  • Chemical industry


  • Food industry


  • Metal production

    Mills & dryers

Type overview

Because the supply system is individual designed for every single case, so the purge panel can diversified in dimensions and arrangement of the components. Upon request, the system can be equipped with alarm and switch-off signalling devices, an electronic output of the measured values is also optionally available.

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Mounting instructions

The system is mounted on a stainless-steel base plate. In the configuration shown, the dimensions are 600mm x 900mm. The dimensions are diversified according to the requirements and the conditions of assembly.

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