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Shaft seals

Roots, cell, screw, liquid ring or turbo compressors require sealing elements in a wide variety of shapes to seal the compressed medium from the atmosphere. STASSKOL products for these applications go under the name DynamicSeal.
If required, all STASSKOL designs are available with additional connections for leakage gas, seal gas and purge gas. For turbo compressors, STASSKOL has developed a special packing design, the SDS100. Geared to the special operating conditions for our sealing elements, we select the optimum material. We mainly use PTFE compounds (with appropriate fillers), PEEK (with appropriate fillers), synthetic carbons, bronze and sintered metals as materials for the sealing and support rings. Flange and housing are made of stainless and acid-resistant steels, alloy steels, bronze or high performance polymers.

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