High performance polymers

The material makes
the difference

In current times, new technology always poses new requirements for the materials to be used. Whilst high-performance polymers still were a speciality a few years ago, they have long since become established in the constructors’ standard repertoire. STASSKOL has concentrated on particularly high performance materials. Here, we can name some examples such as polyaryletherketones like PEEK, PEK and PEKEKK, PTFE as well as modified PTFE and also polyimides, polyamid-imide and polyphenylene sulphide which are characterised by a constant use temperature in excess of 150 °C.

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STASSKOL High performance polymers

The advantages at a glance

Permanent temperature resistance
300 °C (briefly up to 400 °C)

Perfectioned large-scale

Good cryogenic properties
down to -270 °C

Excellent thermal and
electrical insulation

High heat resistance up to
470 °C (HDT/A)

Good chemical resistance to acids,
fats and solvents

Customised recipes

The perfect MATCH

We are aware of the advantages of our high performance polymers and are able to support you in the right selection of the matrix material. Moreover, we can customise the properties profile of the material for your application with appropriate additives.
Ask us – we are happy to advise you!
STASSKOL Customer satisfaction
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Tradition & Progress
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Research & development
on our own, globally unique test bench

Innovation & development

We push the boundaries of what is feasible

The quality of our semi-finished products has top priority for us and forms the basis for the use of our materials, both at our customers’ and when we manufacture our own products. STASSKOL goes far beyond pure quality testing. All measured data is collected and evaluated regularly in order to adapt processes and procedures within the scope of a continuous improvement process. Thus we manage to achieve the continuous improvement of the quality of our products.

Online study

Create the future hand in hand with STASSKOL

What specific requirements does your application demand of the polymers parts used? Where do standard polymers fail and where has the ideal material not yet been found?

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