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Gas Tight Ring Solution in
none-lube service
Hydrogen application

Conventional sealing ring designs have a lot of gaps which are necessary to compensate the worn off ring material. Although those gaps are covered by separate cover rings, it is not possible to get those dynamic systems absolutely gastight.
CHALLENGE – Minimizing external leakages

Internal parts oil wiper packing
Biogas application

Standard material for wiper packing internals (ZnAlCu – Alloy) was not satisfying in the special application running at high rpm.
CHALLENGE – Reducing the of oil leakage of standard oil wiper packing

Internal parts piston rod packing Nitrogen application

The sealing material of internal parts was too brittle with only 0.5 % of elongation at break. Due to ring breakage, springs were also affected, and leakage rates went up because sealing efficiency was no longer given.
CHALLENGE – Minimizing external leakages

Internal Parts piston rod packing
MiG application

Internal parts made of PTFE compounds are chemically decomposed during the compression of fluorinated gases. The inner parts swell and the temperatures rise during operation.
CHALLENGE – Search for suitable chemically inert material

Internal Parts piston rod packing Hydrogen application

Internal parts do not seal properly on the piston rod, allowing lubricating oil to enter the intermediate piece. The lack of lubrication in turn causes excessive wear of the internal parts.
CHALLENGE – better sealing solution

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