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Perfectioned large-scale processing

Special applications require special recipes which repeatedly push the limits of what is feasible.

In order to shift the limits of properties such as mechanical rigidity, temperature resistance or wear resistance, selected filling materials and lubricants are added to the high-performance polymer. For standard processes such as extrusion and die casting, the fraction of filler materials and lubricants is strictly limited as the mixture must have an appropriate melt flow index. To overcome this limit, STASSKOL has optimized the pressing of polymers in the molten state. Highly filled polymer recipes can be processed as semi-finished products in a perfect compression process using high pressure at a high temperature. The specifically prepared tool concept allows a high variation of diameters up to in excess of 1200 mm. In particular in the diameter area, STASSKOL has thus developed an unique selling point.

Make use of our competence

In addition to an innovative tool concept, STASSKOL also has hydraulic presses up to a maximum load of 800 tons in order be able to manufacture semi-finished products with the corresponding size. The reduction of internal stress to a minimum is often an important prerequisite for several applications – large ovens are available here for thermal treatment of the high-performance polymers.

Use our competence in polymer processing to obtain the ideal material for your application in customised dimensions and thus to optimise the cost/benefit ratio. We continuously develop our processing methods in accordance with our customers’ needs.

Ask us for your desired dimensions!

Perfect chip removing processing

STASSKOL is your polymer specialist, starting with the development of high-performance polymers, via processing, up to the complete final product.

For cost reasons, not all components and polymeric materials can be manufactured using the die injection-moulding process. We are specialist in the mechanical processing of high performance compounds on CNC-controlled lathing and milling machines. We can offer sketches and samples of and manufacture the construction parts in accordance with your individual CAD drawing specifications. Our state-of-the-art and flexible plant enables precise processing of a very wide range of construction parts. Several years’ experience and constant further development of staff and manufacturing technology enable us to realise demanding construction tasks according to individual customer drawings.

STASSKOL Materials
STASSKOL Forschung und Entwicklung

We can turn your technical inquiries into final products!

Your construction components are CNC polymer processed using a wide range of conventional and CNC-controlled lathing and milling machines.

Due to the considerable manufacturing depth, it is also possible to process large dimensions and diameters.


STASSKOL Quality testing

Ensuring the right quality already begins with our raw materials. All batches of a supplied matrix material or fillers, additives or lubricant materials are subjected to strict quality controls and the results are permanently documented.
For recipes, the batches used are protocolled when manufacturing, always guaranteeing tracking from the ready mixture to the basic material. Even when manufacturing semi-finished products and, if applicable, the finished parts for the customer, this bridge remains. Moreover, the semi-finished products manufactured are subjected to random testing. Each semi-finished product which leaves our company is examined by ultrasound as a non-destructive test.
The dimensional accuracy of the products is measured in all the relevant dimensions and the results are also documented electronically.
All measured data is collected and evaluated regularly in order to adapt processes and procedures within the scope of a continuous improvement process. Thus we manage to achieve the continuous improvement of the quality of our products.

Customised recipes

The perfect MATCH

We are aware of the advantages of our high performance polymers and are able to support you in the right selection of the matrix material. Moreover, we can customise the properties profile of the material for your application with appropriate additives.
Ask us – we are happy to advise you!
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Julian Große-Segerath

Julian Große-Segerath

Germany, Austria, Switzerland

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