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Polyimides (PI)

The group of the polyimides belongs to the absolute top of high-performance polymers. Dependent on their chemical structure, polyimides can be divided in melting and non-melting grades.
However, all polyimides have a high maximum application temperature in common, which can incorporate constant temperature resistances from -200 °C to +280 °C. It is even briefly possible to realise a short-term application temperature of up to 400 °C. This naturally also includes special challenges for processing the material. The “hot compression moulding process” optimised by STASSKOL enables the manufacturing of semi-finished products from polyimides with a wide range of inner and outer diameters. In addition to their exceptional thermal properties, polyimides have high rigidity, excellent form stability, are easy to machine and are highly pure. Furthermore, polyimides are highly effective insulators and inherently flame-retarding.

Polyimides (PI)

The advantages at a glance

Extremely high dimensional stability when heated (up to 240 °C)

High heat resistance up to 350 °C (HDT/A)

Excellent resistance to radiation & plasma

Excellent thermal and electrical insulation

Constant thermal expansion coefficient and low cold flow

Good chemical resistance

Good workability

Low coefficient of friction and high wear resistance under extreme conditions

Special recipes possible
for customers

PI in action

Polyimides are highly effective insulators and inherently flame-retarding. This interesting and unique property profile makes polyimides the ideal choice for the following areas of use:
Aviation and Space
Electronics industry
Machine construction components

PI optimization through suitable filler combinations

As for other high-performance polymers, the polyimides’ properties can be adapted to the challenge of the specific application by using appropriate filling material combinations. In particular, carbon fibres, molybdenum sulphide, PTFE and graphite play an important role in the optimisation of the properties of polyimides.

STASSKOL holds several standard recipes based on polyimides, however it is also possible to develop customer-specific materials here.

You too can shift the limits of feasibility.

Materials for standard applications​

In addition to the development of customised materials for your individual product solution, STASSKOL naturally has a diverse product range with standardised recipes based on polyimides (PI).

PI-based materials

  • ESKASINT 9210

    Graphite, good mechanical properties, high wear resistance, high temperatures

  • ESKASINT 9205

    Non-filled, very low friction coefficient, self-lubricating, vacuum technology

  • ESKASINT 9233

    PTFE-filled, good mechanical stability, high elongation at break, compliant with food industry standards

  • ESKASINT 9251

    Molybdenum-filled, low friction, high wear resistance, aviation and space

Customised recipes

The perfect MATCH

We are aware of the advantages of our high performance polymers and are able to support you in the right selection of the matrix material. Moreover, we can customise the properties profile of the material for your application with appropriate additives.
Ask us – we are happy to advise you!
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