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Valve series
Reliable and durable valves for use in air and CO2 compressors.

Valves are used for controlling the air, oil and refrigerant circuits in compressors. They function mechanically and open and/or close at defined pressures. In case a valve functions incorrectly or does not function at all, this can lead to contamination of the connected system and end product, overheating as well as an unforeseen failure of the compressor.

Valves thus fall within the scope of those wear parts that are replaced during proactive maintenance before they can possibly fail.



The STASSKOL valves go under the name ESKAmaxflow. They complete the wide product range of wear parts that the company offers for piston compressors.

The design of the ESKAmaxflow valve series has been developed on the basis of the finite element method, abbreviated as FEM.

Tests of various valve designs revealed that valve seats with conical holes are significantly better in terms of flow behaviour, stress and deformation as compared to seats with oblong holes.

The gas flow has been calculated and optimised with CFD. This was followed by extensive tests of the valves in the in-house technical centre as well as numerous test runs in the field.


Average usage times

The valve dynamic was optimised with DVA. The result of this development work is valves that work reliably and are extremely durable. Currently, valves of the ESKAmaxflow series have been in continuous use for over 24 months without any failures.

ESKAmaxflow matches up to its competition

The pressure drop/volume flow curve is an important parameter in the assessment and selection of valves. It provides information about the scope of the flow resistance p depending on the volume flow V. In the test by an independent institute, the ESKAmaxflow clearly showed the best values as compared to valves from other suppliers that had the same design or had oblong valve seats.


In addition to the manufacturing of new valves, STASSKOL also offers valve repairs. This includes the following services:
  • Dismantling

  • Pre-inspection and cleaning

  • Evaluation, degreasing in the washing machine, sandblasting reusable components

  • Assessment of the components and processing

  • Rework or manufacturing of the components

  • Installation

  • Leakage test

  • Packaging

  • VCI corrosion protection


Example: SV134AL-oG-S
Valve type
SV = suction valve, DV = pressure valve
i.e. 134
134 mm
Design feature
Plateguide: A = guided, B = routed
Plate material: F = plastic, L = steel
Plate guide: guided
Plate material: Steel
oG = without unloader, mG = with unloader
without unloader
S = Standard, P = Process
Nomenclature VVWWW XX-YY-Z

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