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Research & Development

STASSKOL is not only a production facility for sealing elements, but also a development center equipped with testing facilities that are unique in Europe. The development team carries out research on new ring designs, optimized packing designs and higly wear-resistant materials.

The specific requirements of our customers need customized solutions when it comes to the design of the sealing elements. For this reason we test the wear behavior of the sealing elements under realsistic operational conditions in continuous use.


With the inauguration of the worldwide unique test bed, new possibilities arose for STASSKOL to instigate their research and development projects.

Test Bed

Who dares wins. The investment in testing facilities of this scale and qualitity was certainly a risk, but also an important step for the development of the STASSKOL company.

Material Development

The function and the durability of sealing elements depend largely on the wear resistance of the materials used. That is why STASSKOL has been creating their own materials for several years.

Product Development

For the optimization and development of new sealing systems STASSKOL combine computer-aided simulations and practical performance tests to a fast and efficient development procedure.

Process Development

The process technology at STASSKOL includes methods and processes leading to increased production efficiency, increased product quality as well to an improved characterization of product performances.
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We are happy to advise you

For technical and commercial enquiries, the staff of STASSKOL GmbH will of course be happy to assist you.
Julian Große-Segerath

Julian Große-Segerath

Germany, Austria, Switzerland

  • High-Performance Polymers


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