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Research & Development

Product Development

For the optimization and development of new sealing systems STASSKOL combine computer-aided simulations and practical performance tests to a fast and efficient development procedure.
The available test equipment is impressive. When developing new products, the departments of material and product development, engineering and manufacturing work very closely together. In this way, the know-how of specialists is effectively bundled and leads to concrete results in a very short time.

Piston rod seals

Besides piston and guide rings, piston rod seals play a central role for the operation of reciprocating compressor. In addition to the wide range of different designs, STASSKOL constantly develops new innovative sealing concepts. For example, the single sealing ring and the sliding look seal break with the tradition by combining the conventional sealing ring and the cover ring to a thin and efficient system. The result are much lower and constant leakage values when using the STASSKOL single sealing ring compared to a conventional seal ring pair.

Cylinder seals

Piston rings probably have the most immediate impact on the performance of a compressor. To ensure effective sealing of the piston to the cylinder, STASSKOL is very active in developing new piston ring designs. This does not only result in increased run times, but also – due to fewer losses – in a reduction of the required energy and for this reason the costs are significantly reduced. Additionally, it protects the environment for the benefit of future generations.

Shaft seals

STASSKOL has been engaged in sealing elements for rotating systems, the shaft seals, only since 2009. Within a research project STASSKOL developed a greatly improved shaft seal for high pressure applications, the SDS100. Instead of using many narrow rings in the shaft seals, as done previously, now a reduced number of wide rings is used. This shaft seal have about 25% less leakage with shorter installation lengths. In addition, these seals are easier to assemble and also up to 30% cheaper due to the lower number of components.

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Julian Große-Segerath

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