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Research & Development


With the inauguration of the worldwide unique test bed, new possibilities arose for STASSKOL to instigate their research and development projects.

It is now possible to perform critical tests of the sealing elements with respect to operation and wear behaviour under practical conditions.

Conventional sealing concepts were put to the test and new concepts were developed. Successes were achieved quickly with the patent for the piston rod sealing ring, known as the “STASSKOL Single Sealing Ring”. Thereafter other followed.

Single Sealing Ring

The patented STASSKOL Single Sealing Ring combines the main sealing ring and cover ring to one unique unit. The Single Sealing Ring, which represents an innovation in sealing design, is charaterized by a symmetrical and overlapped design wich ensures efficient pressure reduction over the whole lifetime. Due to the pressure relief grooves the material are additionally preserved and the running times are maximized.

The STASSKOL Single Sealing Ring is registered under patent number 10 2006 015 327.


Piston Rod Temperature Measurement

The patented Piston Rod Temperature Measurement makes it possible to determine unacceptable heat on the Piston rod and to inform operators if the conditions in the piston rod packing area change. The temperature measuring ring is made of a material with good heat conduction, and is installed in a temperature measurement chamber. There is a clearance between the inner diameter of the measuring device and the piston rod, so that the heat transfer from the rod to the measuring ring takes place by means of radiation.

The STASSKOL Piston Rod Temperature Measurement is registered with
patent number 10 2006 015 319.


Sliding Lock seal

The patented Sliding Lock seal combines also the cover ring and sealing ring to one unit. Here, the excellent sealing performance of thise system enables the overall lenght of the piston rod packing to be reduced.
The two-part version of this sealing ring has the additional advantage that it can be used as a springless sealing element, eliminating the need for spring elements in valves and increasing the operational reliability of the compressor significantly.

The STASSKOL Sliding Lock Seal is registered with patent number 10 2012 019 166.

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