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ESD & ELS Materialien

Electrically non-conducting and electrically conducting materials

High-performance polymers find more and more use in electrotechnology,
whether as a component for electrical switching or as a part of casing – the task is to avoid static charging, thus ensuring that the electronic assembly functions. Special filling materials enable the polymers to be modified in such a manner that the surface resistance of the materials is drastically reduced.
Elektrisch leitfähige Werkstoffe


Unfilled polymers have both very high surface resistance and very high contact resistance. Thus, they denote ideal electrical insulators. With suitable additives at the right concentration, the conductivity of high-performance materials can be increased considerably. High conductivity or a low surface resistance is a decisive advantage for components in electronic systems or production plants for electrical components. Electrical loads are discharged fast and efficiently by the polymer components so that the electrical systems are protected effectively.

The right additives make the difference

Also, in Mechanical Engineering the avoidance of electrical charging is of paramount Range of the surface resistance importance. Here, the focus is primarily placed on casing components for explosion protection for ATEX applications. The excellent electrical properties of the modified polymers can be combined ideally with the further advantages of these materials (temperature resistance, high mechanical rigidity, chemical resistance, etc.). Initially, the area must be established in which the surface resistance must lie to fulfil the requirements of the application (see graph below).
Electrically non-conducting and electrically conducting materials

The material makes the difference

Tensile strength, wear rates, surface resistance and thermal expansion coefficients, these are all performance indicators which can be influenced decisively by using optimum material. That is why STASSKOL has carried out intense research and developments in the field of high-performance polymers for several decades and does so successfully.

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