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Seals for recips

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Reduction of emissions, leakage and wear
Optimization of sealing efficiency by patented designs
Increased life times by customized materials

Piston rings and rider bands

Piston rings and rider bands are used in horizontal, vertical and v-shaped cylinders.

Piston rod packing

Piston rod packings (short form PRP) are used in double-acting reciprocating compressors to seal the crank-side cylinder.

Oil wiper packing

The oil wiper packing can be used in compressors of a horizontal, vertical or angled design.

Intermediate packing

In reciprocating compressors the compression chamber is sealed against the distance piece by means of a piston rod packing.


The valves of a compressor belong next to piston rings, rider rings and piston rod packings to those parts which require frequent replacement due to wear.
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