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Polyetheretherketone (PEEK)

PEEK is a thermoplastic, partially crystalline high performance polymer and belongs to the group of polyaryletherketones. This material was originally developed for use in Aerospace.

With a melt temperature of 343 °C, PEEK is highly temperature-resistant and flame-retardant. Under normal conditions, PEEK without additives is also a self-extinguishing material as it is only combustible with an oxygen concentration exceeding 35 vol. %. Its high resistance to almost all organic and inorganic chemicals is also one of its most important properties. The thermoplastic high-performance polymer is also resistant to high-energy electromagnetic waves such as X-rays, gamma rays and hydrolysis up to approx. 280°C.
Materials PEEK

Polyetheretherketone (PEEK)

The advantages at a glance

Permanent temperature resistance
260 °C (briefly up to 300 °C)

Very low coefficient of friction and high wear resistance

Excellent electrical insulation (special compounds available)

Inherent flame

Heat resistance up to
162 °C (HDT/A)

Excellent chemical


Excellent resistance
to radiation

Very high purity (materials available for the food industry)

PEEK in the food sector

PEEK is suitable for use in the food sector as it does not need additives or stabilisers. An FDA approval of the individual compounds in the industrial food industry is therefore possible.

Electronic application

The polymer can be processed mechanically using all common processes such as drilling, lathing, milling and sawing. Processing precision can be further improved using appropriate inorganic filling material, in particular for the area of electronic applications. As a positive side aspect, this further increases the quality of the material as an electrical insulator.

Applicable in many industries

PEEK displays its strengths everywhere where high temperatures occur combined with high mechanical loads. Typical examples of this include sealing elements in production plants (pumps, compressors, etc.), slide bearings, valves in process technology, construction elements for aviation and space as well as several further industrial areas within our economy.

You know the challenge -
we have the solution

Cost-intense and rare industrial materials such as aluminium, brass, copper, ceramics or bronze alloys can be replaced by PEEK-based materials. This reduces the weight of components, ensures more durable products and simplifies the production steps.
In addition to the unfilled PEEK, STASSKOL offers all common standard compounds (PEEK with graphite, carbon fibres, glass fibres, etc.). However the company STASSKOL’s speciality is the development of new recipes because the components can be combined almost freely via a special blending system. This makes it possible to customise the properties of a PEEK-based material to the requirements of the customers application.
These are PEEK variants with various combinations of ether and keto groups in the polymer backbone. This chemical modification of the base polymer can once again improve the temperature resistance whilst retaining the excellent mechanical properties.
No matter which polyaryletherketone is selected, all the materials can be produced as semi-finished products (solid rods, pipework, plates, etc.) of the most different sizes in low quantities or in series. Further processing into customized finished parts can be done at our CNC centres. We are also happy to supply you with the semi-finished products for your own machining, whereby we can support you with our experience in processing the materials.
Additionally, polyaryletherketones can be coloured through their own brown-beige colour in various colours in accordance with customer wishes. We are also happy to advise you regarding this.

Materials for standard applications

In addition to the development of customised materials for your individual product solution, STASSKOL naturally has a diverse product range with standardised recipes based on polyetheretherketone (PEEK).

PEEK-based materials

  • ESKAPEEK 901

    PTFE, carbon fibres & graphite, good mechanical properties, high wear resistance

  • ESKAPEEK 904

    Carbon fibres, very high mechanical stability, high heat resistance

  • ESKAPEEK 905

    Non-filled, good mechanical stability, high elongation at break, compliant with food industry standards

  • ESKAPEEK 916

    Glass fibres, high mechanical stability, high heat resistance, good price

  • ESKAPEEK 925

    Carbon fibres, very high filler level, extremely high rigidity, good elongation at brea

  • ESKAPEEK 942

    Mineral, average filler level, high shape retention, low diffusion, semiconductor industry

  • ESKAPEEK 944

    Mineral, high filler level, very high shape retention, low diffusion, semiconductor industry

  • ESKAPEEK 901

    PTFE, carbon fibres & graphite, good mechanical properties, high wear resistance

  • ESKAPEEK 904

    Carbon fibres, very high mechanical stability, high heat resistance

Customised recipes

The perfect MATCH

We are aware of the advantages of our high performance polymers and are able to support you in the right selection of the matrix material. Moreover, we can customise the properties profile of the material for your application with appropriate additives.
Ask us – we are happy to advise you!
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