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Test Bed

Who dares wins. The investment in testing facilities of this scale and qualitity was certainly a risk, but also an important step for the development of the STASSKOL company.
What began with a groundbreaking ceremony for the reciprocating test bed in 2004, has envolved into a research and development center that is without equal in the compressor industry. The reciprocating tribometer which is operated here on site is unique and was specifically developed by STASSKOL. A rotating test bed, a rotating tribometer and a whole series of mechanical test equipment compliment the high-tech equipment. Only with such equipment, it was possible for STASSKOL to develop its own materials and start in-house material production.

Reciprocating test bed

The reciprocating test bed is a compressorwhere we can test materials under operational conditions. In this special testing machine the pressures and temperatures can be entered electronically in each of the 6 chambers of a piston rod packing. Through the combination of digitally entered temperature, pressure and leackage data the element’s performance can be examin. For this reason, STASSKOL is able to develop the optimal combination of material and sealing ring design for customized applications. Performance Characteristics: – simultaneous test of 4 piston rod packings – piston rod packings in vertical and horizontal arrangement – different process gases (H2, N2, Natural Gas, CH4 etc.) – final pressure up to130bar – variable dew point up to -90°C – cooled and non-cooled piston rod packings – digital measurement of leakage of the piston rod packing.

Rotating test bed

STASSKOL have a specially constructed rotating test bed to test shaft seals for rotating applications. A complex Monitoring of pressures, temperatures and leakages subject to the operating conditions allows the rapid and efficiently optimizing of sealing concepts. So the using of the rotating test bed Plays an important role by the development of the new sliding look seal SDS100. We are pleased to assist you in order to selelect the optimal system for your application. Performance Characteristics: – test of shaft seals for high-pressure applications (turbocompressors) – application of shaft seals in modular design principle – rotation speed up to 50000 U/min – tests with air and nitrogen – pressures up to 50 bar – temperature up to 180°C – leakage measuring by means of U-pipe manometer – digital measuring of temperature and pressure.

Reciprocating tribometer

STASSKOL has developed a unique reciprocating tribometer enabling it to test the wear performance of materials under operational conditions. Performance Characteristics: – continuous measuring of wear, frictional coefficient and temperature – stroke upto 130 mm – average speed up to 6 m/sec – contact pressure from 10 bar to 100 bar (infinitely variable) – simultaneous characterization of up to 4 results – changeable countersurfaces (castiron, steel etc.) – countersurfaces temperatures from 80 °C to 200 °C – different gases (H2, N2, CH4 etc.)

Rotating tribometer

STASSKOL uses the rotating tribometer to simulate applications with uniform movement stress. The recorded data can be used to characterise the materials tribologically. Performance data: – Continuous measurement of the wear path, the coefficient of friction and the temperature – Sliding speeds up to 6 m/sec – Variable contact pressures – Interchangeable mating surfaces (cast iron, steel, etc.) – Mating surfaces can be temperature-controlled from 40 °C to 150 °C – Various gaseous media (H2, N2, CH4, etc.)

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Mechanical tests

As well as tribology the mechanical characteristics are a significant factor for the suitability as sealing material. STASSKOL characterizes the mechanical properties of non-metallic materials and thermoplastic materials by means of a tensile testing machine. Using the tensile testing machine ensures the benefit of a rapid material development and also plays a role in quality assurance.

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Julian Große-Segerath

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