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Research & Development

Process Development

The process technology at STASSKOL includes methods and processes leading to increased production efficiency, increased product quality as well to an improved characterization of product performances.
In consequence STASSKOL products can be offered more cost effectively and with improved properties.

Measuring technology

STASSKOL constantly improves and expands the measuring techniques that can be applied in house. This applies to the characterization equipment like the reciprocating tribometer and the in-house test compressor as well as to the characterization of product properties at the daily production. Important examples at the production are the leakage test of piston rod packings after assembly, leakage tests at valve repairs as well as ongoing quality characterizations of the sealing materials that have been produced in-house or of materials that have been purchased.

Polymer processing

In order to achieve a constant quality of our sealing materials and to produce them most cost effective, the methods of the polymer processing are constantly optimized. This explicitly includes the manufacturing of semi-finished products out of thermoplastic resins as well as the compression of PTFE compounds during the application of heat, the so-called technique of hot compression molding. All optimizations are focusing on high production efficiency as well as the establishment of highest and most constant material qualities.

Machining technology

The efficient and quality consistent production of sealing element and packing cases out of plastic materials and steel rods requires special processing methods. These methods are constantly optimized to produce our products more cost effectively by keeping the same high STASSKOL quality. The cost savings by improved machining technology can be handed over 1:1 to our customers leading to a maximization of the cost-value-ratio.

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Julian Große-Segerath

Julian Große-Segerath

Germany, Austria, Switzerland

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