The shaft seal type SDK31 is a shaft seal in a single-ring execution designed for very low pressure loads.

The STASSKOL shaft seal SDK31 is, from a construction and material choice point of view designed so that it is able to achieve very high durability with a minimum of maintenance work and under the observation of all the notes.


The STASSKOL DynamicSeal shaft sealing SDK31 are applied in fans. 


The shaft seal type SDK31 can only be used for dry operation with the materials available. For this reason, operation with grease is not possible.

Additional connections for sealing gas or extraction are not intended.


The chamber of the SDK31 series is in one-piece. The parts subject to wear and tear are the multi-piece cut rings with segments held together by a surrounding garter spring.

The chamber is fitted with slots for the fixture screws. The circuit ring has standard slots.